Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Journal 9: Choose one statement and explain your choice in writing: I would prefer to have
a) More time in my personal life that is ordinary rather than extraordinary, or
b) More time that is extraordinary rather than ordinary of
c) a mixture of both.

The statement I choose is c, a mixture of both. I need to have more time to be ordinary, time to just hang out or be with myself. Everyone needs some time for themselves. Sometimes people work to hard and end breaking down but when it you have some time to yourself you have a chance to cool down. Just being ordinary is great but sometimes you need to have times that are extraordinary. For example, going on trips and hanging out with your friends is times that you have an extraordinary time. I think you need to be balanced you have to have time to play, to be by yourself, and to have times that is fun and enjoyable. Life cannot be all play or all work you need to be balanced. Having extraordinary time makes your life exciting and fun and having ordinary time makes you have a routine and make your life seem boring and that is why you need both in your life.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Journal 8: Of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which three seem most needed by people of your age? Beside each one you choose, write an example of a situation in which a teenager might need that gift.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, courage, understanding, right judgement, knowledge, reverence, and wonder and awi in God's presence. Three gifts that we need in our age is courage, right judgement, and understanding. The reason we need courage is so that you have the courage to do new things and when things get bad you have the courage to start over. For example, if one day everybody seems to let you down and you seem to be letting everybody else down that is when you are going to need the courage to start over and do the right things. Another gift that is really important is to have the right judgement. Having the right judgement of people are really important at our age because we sometimes need to chose what would make us better. An example of when it is important to have the right judgement is if someone asked you to try drugs or if you chose friends that get into trouble a lot. The right judgement always is helpful to people my age because we need to use the right judgement all time in school, at home, extra curricular activities, and when we go out with friends. Another example of why it is important to have the right judgement is when you go out with your friends. You go out with your friends and do bad things like shoplife our you could be responsible and behave. Another gift from the Holy Spirit that people my age will need is understanding. Understanding is very imporant because we need to understand why certain thing happen for example if your parents get divorced you need to understand it was not about you but with your parent. Another example is if you are playing with a team and one of your teamates get up set at you, you need understand why they got upset at you to fix that problem and when you do that your team's chemistry gets better.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Journal 7:What are the five beliefs you have about God? How did you form those beliefs?

In seventh grade I did not believe in God because I was just not brougth up to include him in my life. Now, if you asked me if I believed in God I would say yes. I believe that there is a God because how else could the miracles in life happen. I believe that he created this earth for us first to make perfect before he put us on it so that we would live on a perfect earth. I believe that he is great and miraculous and he does not have to commit miracles for us to believe in him we should just have faith that he will be there for us. I also believe that he is not the image that we see when we think of him. Like the movie he could an old man or a woman but I think the things that God created is a miracle in itself. I also feel that the reason he gives us choices is because it is our choice weither we believe in him or not. If he did not want people to have choices he would have just made everyone believe in him. I also believe that we make our own choices and that God can only be there for us and not change something that is bound to happen. I also believe that God has not just one face but he has comes in many forms. For example the pictures on the first floor with the different examples of Jesus, God could be anyone I think he changes forms. Many cultures had God's and I think they are just different faces for the same God. I do not think that there would be so many similarities between our God and other people's Gods if he were not the same. For example, many cultures have Gods of the same things, such as war, love, agriculture, heavens, and the underworld. I am not sure how I formed these beliefs. I think that during the years after hearing about him I figured that he must exsist other wise there would not be so many people that believe in him. I believe in him but not the way other people believe in him and I think that people who believe in God all believe in him in a different way and have different beliefs.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Journal 6:
What does Juan symbolize? the fishbowl? the fish? Juan's desire to become a fish? Write out your interpretation.

I feel that Juan symbolizes the fish because he does things that some of us do not understand. For example finding a slimy glass bowl pretty. Most of us would have just left it alone because it looked groisse, in fact I think most of us would not even be looking in the trash for things to play with. He looks at things in a whole different light then other people do, just like how the fish did not understand Juan we did not really see what he found so beautiful in a slimy glass bowl. I feel that is the reason he symbolizes the fish. Juan also symbolizes the fish because the fish did not understand that Juan made all the trees and roads for the fish to play in; just like how he would not understand us if we told him the glass bowl was ugly because of the slime. I think that Juan is also like God in some ways in that he made a little world for the fish, just like how God made the earth for us. Juan wanted the fish to play in the trees and swim on the road; God want us to use the earth to our advantage, that is why he created it for us.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Journal 5: In Paragraph form:
Evaluate your performance in this course thus far. Set three goals for the rest of theis trimester taking into consideration your progress report. What support do you need from eithere your peers/parents/teachers to be successful with these goals?

I think my performance for the first part of the trimester has been good. I do all my work and came to most of my classes except when I need to go out of school or when I'm absent. I need to work on a few things like developing my ideas for these journals but I feel that can be improved. I need to improve with participating in class disscussions.
Three goals that I am setting for the rest of this trimester is to do better journals, learn and remember everything I learn in class, and do my best in all my class work. I feel if I do better journals, remember everything that is taught to me, and do my best in class I can get my grade up to an A and it will help me with my future religion classes.
I thinkk the support I need from my peers is for them to not talk to me when I'm doing something important for school, and if I'm doing a group project with them to share an equal amount of responsibility. From my parents I them to support me by not pressuring me because I get enough pressure from school and kids my age. I also want them to be able to be there if I need help. I want the teachers to b e able to answer questions I don't fully understand something. The support from teachers is important I want them to be able to help me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Journal 4:
What do you believe in?

I do believe that there is a God. I don't think there is any other way we cuold have the things we have. I do not think he created men from dust and decided that there should be animals and then just appeared. I do believe in evolution because how else could there be so many animals that are in the same category but look so different. I think that God just helped things along. I think he helped us to discover new things and learn how do certain things. I'm not Catholic or a strong Christian but I do believe that he exsists because how else could there be so much things we can't explain without some mystical thing has helped it. I also believe that you are treated the way you treat others. For example if you cheat and lie know one is going to trust you because they know that you lie and cheat and you could do it to them. There would be nothing for them to believe that you wouldn't do it to them when you did it to someone else. I also believe that you should work hard in everything you do. You shouldn't just half of yourself to something but you should put your whole self. I also think that you shouldn't care what other people think of you. I think when you do that you are just weak minded and someone who just go with the crowd. I Feel that you shouldn't care if you are wearing the latest fashion, when you care about what people think of you then you could get yourself into lots of trouble. Peer pressure effects lots of kids and get lots of them into trouble.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Journal 3:
Recall a time when you felt "lost in the desert," wandering around not knowning what to do about some problem, making mistakes and going through hardships. Write a one page reflecton on what you learned from the experience.

I remember the time when I first went to a new school. I went to Benjamin Parker Elementry for kindergarten and first grade, and then my mom transferred me to Heeia Elementry when I was going to second grade. The first day of school was horrible for me. The whole day I felt really lost and alone. When other kids was saying high to their old friends I was sitting by myself not talking to everyone. When we finally went to class, we said the pledge of legience and then introduced ourselves. I was so nervous that when it came to my turn I could barely speak but some how I managed it. In second grade everyone had assigned seating. When I sat at my seat I didn't talk to anyone near me; I was just quite for a long time. What made it worse was that I was behind everyone because I didn't even know how to read simple words like the and like. When I got picked up from day care and my mom asked how school all I said was good, even though I was thinking that it was the worst day of my life. The next day I started to get used to the people there and started to talk. I finally made some friends who I am still friends with today. I learned that you can't close your self off from people like how I did because I ended up really unhappy because I didn't want to talk to know one. I learned that if you open your self up to people there is a chance that you will get hurt but if you don't you could end up alone and unhappy. From this experience I also learned that just because you are a little behind then other people doesn't mean that your worse than this another person who is better than you at something else. I did not know how to read but with the help of my second grade teacher I learned how to read and not only that began to love reading. I learned just because you don't like something, like how I didn't like moving to a new school, you shouldn't make it a bad experience for yourself

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