Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Journal 4:
What do you believe in?

I do believe that there is a God. I don't think there is any other way we cuold have the things we have. I do not think he created men from dust and decided that there should be animals and then just appeared. I do believe in evolution because how else could there be so many animals that are in the same category but look so different. I think that God just helped things along. I think he helped us to discover new things and learn how do certain things. I'm not Catholic or a strong Christian but I do believe that he exsists because how else could there be so much things we can't explain without some mystical thing has helped it. I also believe that you are treated the way you treat others. For example if you cheat and lie know one is going to trust you because they know that you lie and cheat and you could do it to them. There would be nothing for them to believe that you wouldn't do it to them when you did it to someone else. I also believe that you should work hard in everything you do. You shouldn't just half of yourself to something but you should put your whole self. I also think that you shouldn't care what other people think of you. I think when you do that you are just weak minded and someone who just go with the crowd. I Feel that you shouldn't care if you are wearing the latest fashion, when you care about what people think of you then you could get yourself into lots of trouble. Peer pressure effects lots of kids and get lots of them into trouble.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Journal 3:
Recall a time when you felt "lost in the desert," wandering around not knowning what to do about some problem, making mistakes and going through hardships. Write a one page reflecton on what you learned from the experience.

I remember the time when I first went to a new school. I went to Benjamin Parker Elementry for kindergarten and first grade, and then my mom transferred me to Heeia Elementry when I was going to second grade. The first day of school was horrible for me. The whole day I felt really lost and alone. When other kids was saying high to their old friends I was sitting by myself not talking to everyone. When we finally went to class, we said the pledge of legience and then introduced ourselves. I was so nervous that when it came to my turn I could barely speak but some how I managed it. In second grade everyone had assigned seating. When I sat at my seat I didn't talk to anyone near me; I was just quite for a long time. What made it worse was that I was behind everyone because I didn't even know how to read simple words like the and like. When I got picked up from day care and my mom asked how school all I said was good, even though I was thinking that it was the worst day of my life. The next day I started to get used to the people there and started to talk. I finally made some friends who I am still friends with today. I learned that you can't close your self off from people like how I did because I ended up really unhappy because I didn't want to talk to know one. I learned that if you open your self up to people there is a chance that you will get hurt but if you don't you could end up alone and unhappy. From this experience I also learned that just because you are a little behind then other people doesn't mean that your worse than this another person who is better than you at something else. I did not know how to read but with the help of my second grade teacher I learned how to read and not only that began to love reading. I learned just because you don't like something, like how I didn't like moving to a new school, you shouldn't make it a bad experience for yourself

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Journal 2:
Thing about the person you tust more than anyone else in the world. Who is it? List in complete sentences 5 beliefs you have about that person. Then do the same exercise again, but focus it on the person you mistrust more than anyone else.

The person I most trust in this world is my mom. The reason I trust her more than anyone else is because she's honest, she doesn't belive in lying, and we are really close. I feel that what makes people trust other people is honesty and my mom has lots of that. She is the most honest person I know. I can talk to her about almost everything with outh her judging me. I don't think I would trust as much if she judged everything I said or did. I think that she is really nice person and that is another reason I trust her so much.
I think the person I don't trust the most is this girl named Courtney Carr. The reason I don't trust her is because she doesn't seem real, like as if she is pretending. Another reason I don't trust her is because she isn't very nice to me, but the only reason I talk to her is because she is my neighbor. This girl Courntey also always talks about other people in a negative way and when she talks about people she talks about people I like so most of the time I don't like her. What makes everything worse is that she isn't a very nice person inside and everytime she does I think is wrong I try to tell her not to do it but she doesn't listen to me. So most of the time I don't even talk to her. All the things she does like talk behind people's back makes me distrust her more and when people do those kind of things and I feel her as unreliable not to do say things about me I start to dislike her more and more also.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Journal 1:
What are the gifts and givens in your life? In a paragraph, summarize what has been given to you as part of your heritage or background?
My gifts are that I'm smart, I try hard at everything I like to do, and I like everything to be perfect. My givens are that I'm Japanese, Hawaiian, Native American, and English. I have black hair, brown eyes, and look really Japanese. Since I live in Hawaii my family loves to eat Hawaiian food and because my mom side is Japanese we always eat Japanese food. I live in a nice neighborhook and I am the oldest out of two children. My family isn't really that cultured. We don't eat only Japanese food, dance Japanese dances, etc; we are pretty much an all American family.

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