Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Journal 9: Choose one statement and explain your choice in writing: I would prefer to have
a) More time in my personal life that is ordinary rather than extraordinary, or
b) More time that is extraordinary rather than ordinary of
c) a mixture of both.

The statement I choose is c, a mixture of both. I need to have more time to be ordinary, time to just hang out or be with myself. Everyone needs some time for themselves. Sometimes people work to hard and end breaking down but when it you have some time to yourself you have a chance to cool down. Just being ordinary is great but sometimes you need to have times that are extraordinary. For example, going on trips and hanging out with your friends is times that you have an extraordinary time. I think you need to be balanced you have to have time to play, to be by yourself, and to have times that is fun and enjoyable. Life cannot be all play or all work you need to be balanced. Having extraordinary time makes your life exciting and fun and having ordinary time makes you have a routine and make your life seem boring and that is why you need both in your life.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Journal 8: Of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which three seem most needed by people of your age? Beside each one you choose, write an example of a situation in which a teenager might need that gift.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, courage, understanding, right judgement, knowledge, reverence, and wonder and awi in God's presence. Three gifts that we need in our age is courage, right judgement, and understanding. The reason we need courage is so that you have the courage to do new things and when things get bad you have the courage to start over. For example, if one day everybody seems to let you down and you seem to be letting everybody else down that is when you are going to need the courage to start over and do the right things. Another gift that is really important is to have the right judgement. Having the right judgement of people are really important at our age because we sometimes need to chose what would make us better. An example of when it is important to have the right judgement is if someone asked you to try drugs or if you chose friends that get into trouble a lot. The right judgement always is helpful to people my age because we need to use the right judgement all time in school, at home, extra curricular activities, and when we go out with friends. Another example of why it is important to have the right judgement is when you go out with your friends. You go out with your friends and do bad things like shoplife our you could be responsible and behave. Another gift from the Holy Spirit that people my age will need is understanding. Understanding is very imporant because we need to understand why certain thing happen for example if your parents get divorced you need to understand it was not about you but with your parent. Another example is if you are playing with a team and one of your teamates get up set at you, you need understand why they got upset at you to fix that problem and when you do that your team's chemistry gets better.

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